As independent insurance brokers, the advisors at Paramount Wealth have the freedom to offer their clients life, disability income and long term care insurance from dozens of carriers.

While any agent can get insurance quotes, our advisors work with their clients to determine how much and what types of insurance best suit their needs, as well as determining which carriers are most likely to provide favorable underwriting decisions based on their clients' unique circumstances.

Among other insurance products and services, Paramount Wealth has the ability to provide their clients:

  • Term insurance
  • Permanent life insurance
  • Traditional and asset based long term care insurance
  • Personal and corporate disability income insurance
  • Survivorship life insurance

Our advisors have extensive experience in implementing and designing corporate buy-sell and key man insurance programs, as well as complex estate planning strategies, such as premium financing and leveraged gifting.

The insurance expertise of Paramount Wealth can also be accessed on a consulting or fee basis.